Fiona Egan, Founder

As a business owner (I am an accountant for my sins!) and busy mother, I had struggled with my weight all my life, I was 10 stone at 10 years of age, 11 stone at 11 years – you get the picture. With my spare time at a premium, I tried every format and formula in the marketplace yet, like most, did not find that ‘perfect’ illusive key to weight loss, toning and fitness. I just knew there had to be a way that technology could be part of the solution. 
After two years of extensive research and trials, we are delighted to bring a new and life changing fitness and weight loss product to the marketplace. The potential of exercising in a vacuum appealed to me but existing products in the marketplace failed to live up to my expectations. We have designed and patented sásta – an innovative fat-burning vacuum pod proudly manufactured in Ireland. We are working on clinical trials with Professor Niall Moyna of the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City University and Associate Director of the Vascular Health Research Centre, who is already impressed with the potential of sásta:


“The sásta fitness pod has phenomenal potential to assist individuals lose weight and body fat while exercising at lower intensities than any other form of exercise. The short 30 minute sásta exercise sessions will contribute to a major change in obesity figures and change people’s lives forever.”

Click here to hear more from Professor Moyna.

So, why did I call the business sásta? Simple, I chose sásta as it is the Irish word for satisfied and pleased – which is exactly how our award winning approach makes our clients feel! sásta offers great value while ensuring clients get fit, lose weight and get healthy in a time saving way. You only have to look at my own before and after photos above to see the transformation!

While its relatively early days, our potential has already been recognised. In May 2013, we were finalists in the 2013 Startup Awards in association with Vodafone and finished 2013 with my win as Franchising Woman of the Year in the Ulster Bank Irish Franchise Association Awards!

 If you are interested in sharing our high potential growth by opening your own sásta studio, please contact me on +353 86 8227307 or connect with me on Linkedin. We are currently expanding throughout Europe and North America, now is the time to get in touch

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